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The government has designated this week as National Apprenticeship Week and we are organising fun challenges for Skillnet apprentices across the UK. However, for us, every week is apprenticeship week!

Lisa has been our Senior Ford Business Development Manager for just over a year. We caught up with her to find out more about her role.

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To give you an idea of where an apprenticeship can take you, we talked to Liam Clifford, a Ford Skills Coach based at Skillnet who began his career as an apprentice himself...

I’ve always had a passion for vehicles and was fascinated about how they work, so there was never any doubt in my mind that I wanted to be a motor mechanic. I did consider going to university, but thought an apprenticeship would suit me better, as well as giving me the opportunity to earn as well as learn.

Ian has been working as a Commercial Vehicle Technician for more than 30 years and now works at the Hendy Transit Centre. He started a CV Technician apprenticeship with Hendy in 1986 and has not only gone on to have a great career, he has also won awards! In the third year of his apprenticeship he was Hendy Apprentice of the Year, then last year he became Hendy Technician of the Year, and this year he was crowned Ford CV Technician of the Year.